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Last Updated: Thursday, 10 June, 2004, 09:22 GMT 10:22 UK
Coke's water bomb
In the United States Dasani is the second biggest selling bottled water
When Coca Cola launched Dasani bottled water in the UK in February, they had high hopes that the success the brand had enjoyed in the United States would soon be replicated across Europe.

Yet a mere five weeks later - after its source was revealed to be not fresh spring water but the tap waters of Sidcup - it had been withdrawn from sale at a cost of millions of pounds.

How could Coca Cola, supposedly one of the most sophisticated marketing organisations in the world, have got this key product launch so badly wrong?

The Money Programme investigates one of the great marketing fiascos of recent times.

The programme will be broadcast on Wednesday, 16 June 2004, on BBC 2 at 1930 UK time.

Producer: Libby Turner
Executive Producer: Clive Edwards


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