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Friday, 13 December, 2002, 12:17 GMT
eBay credit card scam: Your views
Two days ago we wrote about how the world's largest online auction site eBay had been targeted by fraudsters using a shadow site to steal credit card details.

We had a huge response when we asked for your experiences. The following are some of your comments.

I am a regular eBay user, buyer and seller, and have recently been targetted by many emails from potential buyers in indonesia to sell my eBay auction items outside of eBay. The emails have all been of a similar nature, offering to buy my goods directly if they supply me with a credit card number. In fact, one email wanted me to charge their credit card, then supply them with the resulting authorisation number. I have informed eBay of the 6 different offending users who all sent similar emails over the course of approx 2 weeks. EBay have since removed these users from the eBay system.
Rob, UK

I got an email from " on 11-18-02. The email was reviewing member accounts to "reduce the instance of fraud on our website". A link was provided for ebay's "Private Policy" and the link REALLY did take me to ebay. These guys were good! Thank goodness Bank of America was suspicious and flagged our VISA account! To the scum of the earth who did this ... sleep tight. You WILL be caught, you will be charged, you will stand trial, and you will spend time in prison. Sleep tight while you can.
J. Rankin, Oregon, USA

I was targeted by fraudsters on paypal, the online billing system bought out by ebay. Someone gained access to my paypal account and bought a computer monitor worth 1349.99 at an auction on ebay! This came directly out of my checking account since that account is linked to my paypal account. Luckily, I stopped this before the bank paid it. I have no idea how they got into my paypal account. They somehow must have gained access to my password. Probably from one of these fake websites and I was not paying attention.
Jeri Wilson, United States

This was a very clever site -- I filled out the form and, fortunately, when I tried to send it, it was caught and I was notified that it was a scam. This is very scary -- makes me question the fact that I have been blithely purchasing things on over the internet for a long time.
Leigh Axton Williams, USA

I found it difficult to report the scam email either to eBay or anyone else. It would be nice to have a simple scam reporting site link at eBay.
Carmine Salvo, USA

Don't make eBay look like a bad thing! There are always people out there looking to do malicious harm, but there are a lot of people who use ebay for a solid form of transactions.
Pete, USA

Wait, where do I put my credit card information in this form?
Jason, USA

I always surf in full paranoia mode. I avoid anything that looks even remotely suspicious and always keep Java and cookies disabled. I might miss out on some of the fun of the internet, but I also miss out on the viruses and scams.
John B, UK

I have received this particular email several times in the past month. I immediately called eBay to see if it was legit and of course it wasn't. Now, I just send them a copy of anything I think may be out of norm! I had my account hacked into about six weeks ago and the person who did this changed my user id, password, and bid on several expensive items and won them! Then they proceeded to try and sell items. Now, I am changing my password every other month on each of my eBay user accounts.
Roxy Carper, USA

Boy does this hoax look familiar! I believe that information was asked of me.I thought it looked OK because I had been inactive for several months. I thought I was just getting UPDATED! This is everyone's worst nightmare who never trusted the practice of giving out financial info on-line! I guess I've been HAD!
Mark Kinder, USA

I got an email advertising a popular $800 software package called Adobe PhotoShop for just $39.99. Embarrasingly, I almost fell for it until I realized their order form was not secure.

I thought as I was filling their form out that they were asking for entirely too much info, so I did not deal with it, and just deleted their e-mail...whoopi!!
Jeff Scott, USA

As an eBay member I find it amazing how some people fall for such crude and obvious scams as this one.
Alexander Jenkins, UK

I was scammed by the fake ebay site.Luckily, a Early Warning Credit Check Service called me in time to close that account.
George Demico, United States

I have been hit this month December, not on e-bay where I have a store and auctions but, on Yahoo. through my auction and store for $10,000.00 in credit card fraud.
Ed Chambers Sr., USA

A similar site emailed me over a month ago, with eBay logos and all. When I went to their link I particularly paid attention to the address line. A secure site will start with "https". Theirs didn't so I answered no questions and deleted the email. Users should always look for "https" in the start of the address line. Non secure sites will merely start with "http".
Jeff Burton, USA

They tried me but I gave crazy info for the Hell of it, all wrong of course!
Jay Willie, USA

I won a shirt in an eBAY auction and promptly paid for it. The next day I received an e-mail from an individual asking that I remit payment for the shirt to an ID on PayPal. The request was obviously fraudulent, but had I not been an experienced eBAY user I could easily have fallen for it. Since the crooked request had been re-transmitted to me by eBAY and involved potential fraud by a PayPal user, I complained to both eBAY and PayPal. I never heard a word from either one.
Jeff Beaver, USA

I used eBay several times successfully to the point where I became confident to make several large purchases from 1 individual for 2 laptops. Needless to say - the deal was too good to be true and I lost $4,000. I am trying to recoup the money from Ebay - but after 6 months of trying - I'm beginning to believe that I won't see the money ever.
David Hennessey, Canada

I've been receiving fraudulent requests for my ebay info for two-three months. I usually fill out their forms with Password: YouGottaBeKidding.
David Gerrold, USA

A very similar scam was played on AOL users, I received a very official looking email asking for my credit card details, purporting to have come from their bililng centre. I passed it on to AOL and they have been investigating.
P Baxter, Australia

Have received such emails, recently, as well as a number of months ago. I refused to provide the information and attempted to contact eBay. However, eBay does not make it easy for customers to notify them of fraud. I searched in vain for a number to call or email address.
Jay Kleinfeldt, US

I got targeted by the yahoo! scam. Last week I lost 16,000 dollars. The total I've lost is probably in the hundreds of thousands
winfield scott, usa

I fell for a similar scheme last year with AOL. I received an Email that looked legit claiming that my credit card details were required again for ongoing support. Like a fool I filled out the accompanying form and Emailed it off. The day after I realised I'd been had and contacted my credit card provider to cancel my card. Luckily no transactions had been made using my details. It just shows how low some people will go to make a quick buck and I'm sure many people were not as lucky as I was in realising my mistake until it was too late.
Chris, England

I was about to wire an ebay seller $2,300 for an IBM laptop computer when another user wrote to say that he noticed I had won the auction, and to beware, the seller was a fraud. Sure enough he was, and the money was saved by a hair's breadth.
Eric Barnes, U.S.

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11 Dec 02 | Business
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